A Swedish consulting company in:
Software & security / privacy area.

Specialized in supporting companies that develop products and services for the IoT, Automotive and Mobile services.


We assist with training, management consulting and privacy expertise.
(around PUL, GRP and GDPR, the new Data Protection Act which comes into force in 2018 with the directives from the EU, among others).


We also protect the product or the service against hackers.


The company was founded in summer 2016 by Per-Olof Persson, who from 2008 to 2015 built the corresponding activities and expertise
at Sony Ericsson to support both the management and development organization in connection with the company went on to develop and
sell Android phones. Sony Ericsson went into the world of hackers, Trojans, viruses and other threats that previously only existed in the PC world.


We offer a team with experience from real life around the development of safe products and services, combined with extensive
experience of working with and within a company’s top management. Prima Security has the experience to support from day one.


The company has extensive international experience from leading companies including Ericsson, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Sony to
support in this area. Moreover, we can, if necessary boost up with more resources and expertise through our strong network.
We speak fluent Swedish, Danish and English.



Together we bring over 70 years of international experience from leading companies to help you.


What does Prima Security offer?

 A good night’s sleep to our customers