What we offer

Training and education for management and employees

Top management advice in the area of Security and Privacy

Step by Step guidance on how to build a software security and
management program with privacy and security by design

We also deliver CISO, Data Protection Officer (DPO) services

Product development assistance for the entire project. Step in, support and follow up to
identify security and privacy requirements

Product verification before shipment from a privacy (GDPR) and security perspective

Software security and privacy assessment

Verification of new releases on existing products and services

How to run:
Personal data Protection, SDL, Threat Modeling, Secure Programming,
Data Flow Diagrams, Privacy Impact Assessments


One stop shopping for expertise

Training and knowledge sharing
Board of director’s member, several years, blue chip companies
Cloud, network and server experience
Incident Management
ISO/IEC 27001 certification consulting
Legal privacy compliance
Media communication
Partner management
Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
Privacy program development
Product development, release and lifecycle management
Requirement analysis
Security risk management
Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Threat Modeling